domingo, abril 19, 2015

Brazil: the Transpersonal Psychology Hotspot and Emergence of a New World - Author: Julio Rezende

            Recently, I was searching some information about conferences about transpersonal psychology in United States. For my surprise, I discovered that a great event of transpersonal psychology will happens in Brazil.

            Brazil can be nowadays the hotspot in transpersonal psychology in the world. What makes Brazil a special place for the flourishment of transpersonal psychology? How the education about transpersonal psychology can be something strategic for the future of a nation?

            In the times of climate change can be strategic to know how to deal with some possible dificulties observed in therms of lack of water, food and energy. In the times of global warming be resilient it's fundamental. Be resilient predicts the development of a capacity to be aware of consciousness. So, the atention to the consciousness is the gem of transpersonal psychology.

            In a conference about Buddhism that I did in São Paulo in 2013 I proposed a necessity of schools teach meditation to the childrens. This would be very important to create a new society.

            When We discuss the future of nations, what can be more strategic: science? Technology? Education? Economy? Environment? Will be many explanations. But, the attention to the consciousness wil be very strategic and the basis to be applied in all kind of areas to encourage the creative view of the world.

            Also, transpersonal psychology can be a way to the people deal with some psychological barriers that kept people far drom the way to personal evolution. If we can create a best psychological confort, we can be better in therms of convivence with our mind, body and soul and also happens another individuals. Through this perspective we can have a better society and a better planet.

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