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Call of Papers - 1st International Seminar of Studies on the #BRICS

Call of Papers


            The organization of the 1st International Seminar of Studies on the BRICS / Seminar About sustainability strategies and climate change in the BRICS countries invites researchers, professionals, professors, students and managers to submit studies and experiences with the global warming in the following areas: environment; food; education; security; public administration; housing; entrepreneurship, employment and income; energy; water and sewage.
            It is understood topics related to sustainability those who collaborate in the improvement of sustainable behavior in the context of public, private and society. We highlight some issues of common interest to the countries belonging to the BRICS:
- Environment (Biodiversity, Energy, Water, Waste);
- Actions quality of life;
- Suppor to rural communities and at risk;
- Economic development.
            It is also important for the event 1st International Seminar of Studies on the BRICS / Seminar About sustainability Strategies and Climate Change in the BRICS Countries participation of researchers holding research methodologies and intervention providing: 1) comparative studies between countries; 2) internationalization of research; 3) expansion of the social, environmental and economic indicators; and 4) guidance for the formulation of public policies.
            The 1st International Seminar of Studies on the BRICS / Seminar About sustainability Strategies and Climate Change in the BRICS Countries seeks to promote the sharing of innovative experiences and provide knowledge transfer to the improvement of instruments and living practices with global warming.


2.1 – E-mail and form to submision of papers: cebrics@ct.ufrn.br presenting the following title “BRICS SEMINAR – SURNAME AND FIRST NAME”.
2.2 - Rules for Abstract Submission:
1) The abstract should must use Times New Roman font, size 12, single spaced, justified; 2) The title should be typed in capital letters, font 12, centered, in bold at the top; 3) The name(s) of author(s) shall (will) be mentioned below the title. In order: name, institution and e-mail; 4) Suggests that the text be developed with a maximum of 800 words; 5) It is suggested that abstracts must contain: Introduction: general and specific objectives, presenting also a brief description of the organization or community of the studied experience and key theoretical concepts related to the works. Methodology: describe which method (qualitative or quantitative); population studied; description of the procedures and instruments for collect data and techniques used to analyze the results. Results: analysis of the key findings of the research results; and Conclusion: implications of the research for the improvement of the organization and / or studied design, as well as their social, organizational and economic contribution. References: inform the main references cited in the theoretical framework. 6) The work must be submitted within the deadline: 22th May 2015.
2.3 - will not be accepted: project description and intent to work or summary literature review only.


            There will be prizes for the best experience and studies presented at the 1st International Seminar of BRICS Studies/ Seminar About Sustainability Strategies and Climate Change in the BRICS Countries through certificate for the best jobs.


            We invite you to submit your abstracts by the 22th May 2015, by emailing CEBRICS (cebrics@ct.ufrn.br).
            Please feel free to share this invitation with other researchers or colleagues that might be interested in submitting a topic.
            We look forward to your contributions!


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