quinta-feira, março 27, 2014

Startups: a revolution - Julio Rezende

I talked to a former student that startups are a kind of revolution that is happening, including the creation of new terminology - almost a new language .

Follow this dialog :
" How is your startup? It's a lean startup ? Do you use the Businesse Model Generator? How was the your canvas? Already made ​​the MVP? Let's arrange a meetup or a hangout to discuss all this? You need to use Adwords more and look for a good domain at whois.com. When your business will be pivoted? You have to have a strategy to monetize fast. Can I schedule a meeting with a VC for you to present your company ? Have you have PR ? "

The vast majority of people would have great difficulty to understand everything that was discussed in the dialogue above. You got it ?

A revolution comes with a new world relationship and a new language is a key element.

A new world can only be built with a revolution involving:  self-awareness; entrepreneurship+startups +innovation and sustainability.

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